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Mack's healthy Seasonings

Vanessa Mack’s vision and enthusiasm motto, “knows no limits”, is the mindset that she incites throughout her life. A fitness guru, personal trainer, nutrition and health coach, it is evident that wellness is her priority. Witnessing various unhealthy lifestyles and chronic diseases within her family, Vanessa made the decision to live healthy while inspiring many to reveal their purpose in living well.

MHS bold blends of healthy seasonings began in Vanessa’s kitchen. Her intentional passion for eating well goes beyond seasoning foods with basic salt and pepper. Being of Belize Caribbean descent the MHS creation is built upon the shoulders of family matriarchs with culturally diverse cooking skills. She was taught the meaning behind flavoring foods with the most authentic seasonings and crafting her own blends. Vanessa took her learnings a step further. She created seasonings with ingredients that has proven health benefits and boldly sharing it with everyone.

She embodies the quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world

The Vision

Behind MHS

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